Can Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

Nike Air Jordan 13 Shoes - Can They Help You Jump Higher?

Can shoes really make you jump higher? As a basketball coach, I often get players asking me if certain shoes can help them jump higher.

So what’s the answer? It’s both yes and no.

Confused? Let me explain. First off, shoes can definitely affect your performance and vertical. However the effects of the shoe itself is very very low. No matter how great a shoe is, you will not jump higher or run faster than your body is capable of. There’s no magic shoe that will allow your body to jump higher than your muscles are capable of.

That however does not mean that the correct shoe will not help you jump higher. The proper shoe can definitely improve your vertical but that’s only because the wrong shoe will decrease your performance. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes will definitely affect your ability to run and jump. If you’ve ever played basketball in boots or sandals, you’ll know exactly what I mean. That’s why shoes in a way, can be said to make you jump higher. The correct pair of basketball shoes will help you be able to jump at your maximum performance that your body is capable of.

Now the question is what makes a pair of basketball shoes the “correct” pair for you. First off, the shoe must fit you properly. If you’re wearing a loose pair of shoes, you’re losing explosiveness from your feet shuffling around in your shoes. That’s why you must have a tight fitting pair of shoes to wear for maximum performance.

Secondly, make sure the shoe is comfortable. A stiff shoe that you don’t feel comfortable in is only going to slow down your movements. That’s why boots make one of the worst choices to play basketball in. You’ll run a lot slower and can’t really jump.

Conclusion: Shoes play a role but it’s not really that important. As long as you have a tight fitting, comfortable pair of sneakers, you’ll be perfectly fine. There is no use for expensive gimmick shoes or Jordans to improve your performance. I’m not telling you to stay away from Jordan’s or Nikes, I love those myself, but if you’re getting them because you think that they’re going to significantly improve your vertical jump and your performance, you’re just going to be disappointed.

This article was written by Jeffrey M. James, the creator of the 50 Inch Vertical system – the only system that guarantees you jump at least 10 inches higher in 8 weeks. Jeffrey is a featured author on


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